Tax Services / Jasa Perpajakan

Consultation and processing of taxes that we can provide, among others;

General consultation on taxation issues

We will provide services to clients every day in the form of correspondence and oral communication, including meetings, telephone conversations, and e-mails for each case of general and special tax at any time client request. In addition, we will update tax information to clients via email for new tax regulations, especially those that will have a direct impact on the client’s tax obligations.

Tax Planning

We provide tax planning and design according to clients’ business needs. We will assist clients in optimizing the tax benefits from mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, direct / indirect capital investments (domestic / overseas) and financing arrangements. We will always assist our clients in achieving their goals by complying with the tax laws by minimizing their tax obligations and obtaining tax benefits without avoiding and violating the tax laws.

Review of Taxes

We provide this service to ensure that the client continues to maintain compliance with tax regulations. We will review, test and diagnose client’s financial records and related documents to identify undue tax treatment which may result in tax penalties and potential tax burdens. This service will generate the best recommendations and recommendations for us to finish.

Filling monthly and annual SPT

We assist clients in preparing and submitting monthly and annual monthly employee income taxes, monthly VAT, annual annualized annual income tax returns on time and accurately.

Tax Restitution

When our clients deliberately overpay certain types of taxes, we help them get a timely refund. We deal directly with the Tax Office and the State Treasury, and work until the return has been made.

NPWP & PKP Management (Tax Administration)

We provide services for administering persons and or business entities to the tax office to obtain NPWP & Inauguration of Taxable Entrepreneurs, and to help obtain permission to use foreign languages ​​and foreign currency in its books. You no longer need to take care of this document, we are ready to help you until the document processing is complete

Tax accompaniment personnel.

We assist and represent clients in handling audits by the tax authorities and subsequent objections and appeals against tax audits. Our tax professionals will provide an effective strategy for such actions, including archiving all the necessary documents and facts to support our strong and valid argument for defense.

Meet Your Partners

Akuntansi Manajemen

Dr. Budiandru, ME.Sy, Ak, CA, CPA
Managing Partner

Akuntansi Perpajakan dan Umum

Agung Dwi Pramono.,Ak.,CA.,CPA.,BKP

Audit Perpajakan dan Umum

Dr. Otto Budiharjo, CA, CPA, CPMA

Akuntansi Umum

Ikhwan Ashadi,SE, SH, MM, M.Ak, MH, Ak, CA, CPA, BKP, Asean CPA